The private sector is leading Saudi Employment by offering 10,000 jobs through the Mihan Virtual Job Fair

This is an initiative created in conjunction with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development for Saudization led by the private sector to create jobs, offer opportunities, and bring Saudis into the workforce.  

We at Mukatafa have witnessed unprecedented increases in percentages across the retail sector in nationalizing jobs and creating work opportunities for Saudis. We are continuing this trend by partnering with the private sector to offering 10,000+ jobs across the Retail and Food and Beverages Sectors with vacancies in the next 3 months. 

The current NITAQAT classification, which is a Saudization rating system that classifies companies into zones, limits the ease of doing business across the retail sector with such increased Saudization percentages. However, with the NITAQAT changesthe private sector has shown a commitment to ensuring job creation in launching the Mihan Virtual Job fair with over 100 companies are participating, targeting 150,000 job seekers specifically within the Retail and Food and Beverage sectors in Saudi Arabia.  

Mukatafa is standing shoulder to shoulder with the private sector to sustain job creation by ensuring the aspirations of the public sector are matched with the private sector to propel this Saudization. 

The Restaurant and Cafe’s job fair will be on December 3rd.  

The Retail job fair will be on December 10th.  

More information on registration can be found from our host Mihanhere.