Mukatafa works within the private sector to mobilize leaders to raise industry standards by reviewing and developing policies.

Through Mukatafa's work on advocacy, we have ensured the Saudi business environment is supported through the public sector's policies and private sector’s procedures to enable the growth of the industry.

Over the past years, we have been able, by unifying the private sector's voice, to gain the support of the public sector to participate in developing strategies and regulations that contributed to the growth of the private sector.



Our team embodies a work methodology that reflects a positive influence on every Saudi citizen and resident’s life.

We have revolutionized corporate projects in tandem with government policies. In prioritizing employment, up-skilled workforce, business opportunities, and disseminated information, we will accomplish a vibrant society, a thriving economy, and an ambitious nation for all Saudi people.

Industries we’ve


Mukatafa’s projects unifying sectors and enabling business growth



Mo’an brings together the leaders and grocery retailers of the grocery industry in Saudi.


Restaurants and cafes association

Qoot aims to support the F&B industry and its members.

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Manufacturers Project

Sina’a brought together all manufacturing industry leaders in an unprecedented initiative.

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Vendor’s Directory

Mukatafa will employ a project for Aqilat to
bring vendors in a B2B platform.

We are creating a new era of social and economic prosperity for Saudi Arabia. We are creating a future where everyone wins.


With us

Let’s see how we can transform your company to engage in a more prosperous Saudi future.