Amplifying Impact for Economic Development and Community Prosperity

We are


We stand “shoulder to shoulder” with progress in every economic landscape within Saudi Arabia.

In unifying corporate, nonprofit, and governmental sectors, we are progressing toward a more vibrant, thriving, and ambitious Saudi nation.

For us, standing shoulder to shoulder embodies the shared spirit among the Saudi people. We seek to form partnerships that emulate this feeling of camaraderie in the global economy.

Mukatafa is advocating for development to create a prosperous future in Saudi Arabia.

How do we define


For the Mukatafa team, Advocacy means creating a Saudi future where everyone wins.

By unifying private, public, and third sectors, Mukatafa aims on developing industry standards by advocating for developed and improved policies that support the growth, prosperity, and sustainability of the Saudi business ecosystem.

“The Sky is Our Ambition"
-HRH Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud