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Through Mukatafa's work on advocacy, we have ensured the Saudi business environment is supported through the public sector's policies and private sector’s procedures to enable the growth of the industry.



Our team embodies a work methodology that reflects a positive influence on every Saudi citizen and resident’s life.

We have revolutionized corporate projects in tandem with government policies. In prioritizing employment, up-skilled workforce, business opportunities, and disseminated information, we will accomplish a vibrant society, a thriving economy, and an ambitious nation for all Saudi people.

Our mission

We are building an ecosystem of collaboration between the private and public sectors that empowers Saudi Arabia to grow as a prosperous nation with a sustainable future


Our vision

We are creating a future where everyone wins by enabling the private, public, and third-party sectors to collaborate, integrate to build a prosperous and sustainable Saudi Economy.

Our values

Compassionate • Committed • Dependable • Ethical • Agile • Together

Mukatafa is the unifying element in aligning progress towards Vision 2030.

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Let’s see how we can transform your company to engage in a more prosperous Saudi future.