Prince Waleed bin Nasser Al Saud

August 26, 2020

Mukatafa Brand Story

Unifying the private and public sector

Mukatafa stands “shoulder to shoulder” with progress in every economic landscape within Saudi Arabia. In unifying corporate, nonprofit, and governmental sectors, we are progressing toward a more vibrant, thriving, and ambitious Saudi nation.

For us, standing shoulder to shoulder embodies the shared spirit among the Saudi people. We seek to form partnerships that emulate this feeling of camaraderie in the global economy.

Our team has applied this direct translation to mobilize industry leaders to align their company goals with government policies, including Vision 2030.

Founder and CEO, Prince Waleed Bin Nasser said, “We want to keep on really changing Saudi for the better by collaborating and integrating better life for all of us, both globally and in Saudi.”

Nicknamed as “bulldozers,” Mukatafa’s team is known for only moving forward, and we share this culture with all of our partners. We work tirelessly to create solutions to shape and grow the Saudi economy. There was never a reverse when it came to overcoming every obstacle of unifying our nation.

Mukatafa has explicitly worked within the Manufacturing, Education, Food and Beverage, Grocery, Luxury Fashion, Jewelry, Beauty, Electronics, and Furniture industries to mobilize leaders to raise industry standards by developing policies. This means that we create partnerships, study current economic trends, and seek to understand the key variables within each stakeholder to further foster collaboration and integration within the private and public sector. Mukatafa has seen success in aligning all sectors to make sustained change in tandem with progressing the economy.

“When we sat together [with stakeholders from the private and public sector], we effectively envisioned how we can join forces and provide more jobs to Saudis.”

Vision 2030

Mukatafa is the unifying element in aligning progress towards Vision 2030. In our methodology, we have revolutionized corporate projects in tandem with government policies. In prioritized employment, up-skilled workforce, business opportunities, and disseminated information, we strive towards a vibrant society, a thriving economy, and an ambitious nation for all Saudi people. (You can find testaments of this work on our website:

Our team embodies a work methodology that positively influences every Saudi citizen and resident’s life. We believe that enabling the growth of the individual will result in a larger, more vibrant society.

This reflects our prioritization of job creation: we seek to create strategies that invest in people. As the second largest industry to oil, oil, investing in the retail sector proves potential for a thriving economy. By integrating the work of both the private and public sectors, Mukatafa has studied the job market, outlined initiatives toward increased employment, and ensured the availability of job opportunities for all people with all backgrounds. In practicality, Mukatafa has developed both Qoot Association for Restaurants and Cafes’ and Mo'an Grocers Association’s strategies in committing more than 150,000 jobs to be created within the next five years.

We are committing to this work on the local and global trajectories to design training programs that will support the development and growth of the employees and employers to progress toward an ambitious nation. Primarily through Mukatafa's work on advocacy within the education sector, we have mobilized leaders to raise industry standards by reviewing and developing policies.

With sustained and practical progress, Mukatafa is the unifying element in transforming strategies to advance a vibrant society, thriving economy, and ambitious nation.

Our vision beyond

The work doesn’t stop with only Vision 2030. We are also aligning this progress with the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals to ensure that its work locally is reflected globally through measuring its success on these goals.

“We are going beyond this vision…we are trying to build certain skills to collaborate and integrate within company culture as well.”

With ten more years to achieve ultimate prosperity, the progress made toward Vision 2030 through Mukatafa’s efforts to unify all three sectors will be unparalleled.

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